• I love the heat!

    I love July! There are holidays, my son’s birthday and in my case, vacations! Also you really know it is summer as the temperatures outside start to go up and the humidity makes your hair do funny things!

    I had a very busy June with the Aging Conference in Duluth, where I learned many new things that I am hoping to utilize them here at the CAL, and also met many new people that I am hoping to work with in the future.

    With my vacation this month I am asking for help in getting Debbie through those 10 days please. If you think about it check in on her make sure she is fine, and I am looking for people to “man the phones” during the times she is not here. Let me know if you are interested in helping us with this.

    Happy Summer and may your air conditioners be working!

  • Summer is here

    Well as we get into the nice weather and the summertime groove of things are schedules are going to get busy. We want to do so much because there is so much to do this time of year. I know this month is crazy busy for me both at work and at home.

    Here at work we have many programs that we are starting here in June as well as a Aging Conference that I will be attending in Duluth on the 15th & 16th of this month. At this conference I will be presenting my accomplishments and vision that I have for the CAL using the money I received from the DHS Grant. It will be nerve racking and exciting all at once. I am looking forward to networking with others in the field and learning about the other ideas that others are using.

    I also want to remind everyone about the garden out front of the building. Thank you to Denny Sellberg for getting it ready, now it is time to plant it. We are in need of some vegetable plants and seeds and some volunteers to plant them. Please let me know if you’re interested or have any supplies you would like to share.

    Also make sure that you check out the new website! We have recently launched a new and improved site and would like some feedback. We are working on having online registration! Very exciting!

  • Here we go!

    Well it is that time of the year again when our schedules are crazy busy and we have no time to just sit back and enjoy the wonderful weather. Funny how we would not like it any other way even though we sometimes complain about it.

    I have been very busy writing more grants and developing some really big projects. I hope that they come through and we can turn the Center for Active Living into the place to go for information, education, exercise and entertainment.

    I am still interested in hearing ideas from everyone on things they would like to see me bring in.

    Also we are about to launch our new website so watch for that! It will be more interactive, hopefully, and will offer online registration.

  • Spring is on its way

    This winter has not been as bad as last year as far as the number of really cold days or the snow storms that we  had to wait out. This did make it a little easier to get  through but the lack of snow will add up to another  spring that lacks moisture. Oh well if it’s not one thing it  is another I guess.

    I have been really busy getting things lined up for this  spring and summer season down here at the CAL.

    I hope that all of you have seen the new walking path we  have in the lower level, if not come and check it out! I  also have a whole new set of computers and tablets that  we will be holding more technology classes with and I  invite you to come and check all of them out as well!

    And don’t forget the new exercise programs that we have coming up I am really excited about them as well!  I am still taking ideas for any kinds of programs or events that you would like to see hosted in the community so  send me an email or stop in and let me know your ideas and requests!

    Can’t wait to get started and to see you all around.

  • Active Aging Week – Saturday September 27th

    We will be hosting our first annual Pickleball Tournament on this day! We will have men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles play!

    People can play in either recreational division or competitive division. Cost is only $25.00 for the first division and $5.00 for the additional division that you play in. Fees include a T-shirt to all participants.

    Trophies will be handed out to the top three teams in each division. The tournament is open to anyone age 50 and over.

    Lunch will be available to purchase midday. Check in will be at 8:00am and all games will follow.

    The tournament will be a round robin style of play and everyone will be guaranteed three sessions of play. Each pairing will play best 2 out of 3 to receive the point for a win. Deadline to register is September 22nd.

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