• Heart month

    February has been a month to remember, with warm weather, aplenty! Thanks to an excellent craft tip, we were able to make beautiful, handmade valentines from a variety of adorable patterned, pink and red scrap-booking paper! For those who weren't as keen on making cards, we had a treat and flavored coffees to enjoy!

    We have been advertising a variety of computer classes, the most popular of which, was Windows 10, which gave a nice overview of the new software.

    On the 22nd, the Center for Active Living and LSS Senior Dining, partnered with Sanford Health to host a Heart Month luncheon with Sanford Cardiologist, Dr. Tom Stys, who led a discussion on heart health. The CAL was brimming with people, yummy food, and a lively discussion.

    It seems as quickly as the many snowbirds left the shores of Lake Okabena for the ocean, dessert, and a variety of sunny destinations, they have begun to trickle back. We'd love to hear your stories or see your pictures, if you care to share them with us!  

    As the weather cools off again, if you find yourself looking for an indoor walking venue, don't forget that we have a small walking track in the lower level. If you are looking for something bigger don't forget that, as a CAL member, you can walk at the Worthington YMCA on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9 a.m., and guess what?? The walking group is very nice, and gathers for coffee in the lobby of the Y, following their walk!

  • Lots of News!

    Please allow me to introduce myself - I am the new CAL Director, Mary! Hello to the those of you that I haven't met, and to those who have been actively using the CAL over the past few weeks! It's been a pleasure!

    I have lived in Worthington for 14 years with my husband and three children, who keep me extremely busy, happy, and well entertained with their extra-curriculars. Spending time with family and friends gives me a lot of positive energy, as does attending fun events and volunteering in the community.  

    It's been wonderful, getting acquainted with so many new people! In addition to meeting lots of active CAL members, I have been meeting with program instructors, facilitators and volunteers, the CAL Committee, City of Worthington IT, accounting and public works staff, Chamber of Commerce folks, senior dining and housing managers, vendors and so on! Please don't hesitate to remind me of your names, as I really want to learn all of them.

    Remember, my door is always open! Enjoy the CAL, make it yours, and always do your best to make aging fun...I'll do whatever I can to help make this happen!


    Monday - CHAIR YOGA - 10 am - free introductory class with Margaret Vosburgh;  CASUAL BRIDGE PARTY - 1 pm - all bridge players welcome.

    Tuesday -  PICKLEBALL ROUND ROBIN FUN TIME - 9:30 am check-in. Sterling Drug is  providing coffee, rolls, immunization/flu shot info & sign-up, 10 am Round Robin begins; RSVP BONE BUILDERS - 3 pm with Joanne Bartosh (session will follow Ladies Cards). 

    Wednesday - CAL/YMCA walkers WALK & TALK with Anita Leach - 8:40 am at the Worthington YMCA.

    Thursday - MAHJONG ASK-A-FRIEND - 1 pm. - all mahjong players welcome.

    Friday - BIKE-RIDE - 10 am -Longer ride for advanced bike enthusiasts. Those wanting a  shorter ride will begin slightly later, around 10:15 (?); SMRLS FREE WILL PLANNING CLINIC - 10  am - short presentation on Estate Planning (open to everyone), then pre-screened  registrants will work with an attorney/legal staff to prepare a will.

    Please call or sign-up at the CAL, and look for more information on Facebook!

  • Busy Times Ahead

    Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait! This is my favorite time of the year. This is also the start of the busiest time of the year down here at the CAL. We have a boat load of things going on, as well as some vacations going on.

    I hope that many of you will be able to participate in all of the programs that you find interesting. I am still open to suggestions on programs to offer or for events to plan.  I need the input so I know what the needs and wants are out there.

    Many programs have been brought back and a couple of things are new. One exciting thing for everyone to watch for is the new outdoor pickleball/tennis courts that the City has been planning. They will be resurfacing  the old courts near the Old West School. Very exciting to have this come through and hopefully this will give some of you a chance to play with friends and maybe grandkids and get even more people hooked on the sport.



  • It is a New Year

    Well I don’t know about you but my holidays sure flew by without me realizing how fast it is going. And now it is the New Year when we set all our goals for the year and wonder when we will forget those goals and break all of our promises to ourselves. You would think we would learn.

    We will again be hosting some simple exercise classes and we will be bringing back our technology classes as well. Look for those to come in the upcoming newsletters.

    We are always looking for volunteers to help out around here. Much of the help we are looking for does not require major time commitments. If you are interested in helping in any capacity please let me know.

    Things we need help with: cleaning, lawn maintenance, website maintenance, class curriculum, teaching or assisting with various classes or programs, driving to deliver meals, etc. Contact me if you are willing to help with anything. Thanks.

    If you are on Facebook make sure that you like our page, we are also on Twitter. If you would prefer to receive your newsletter via email and help me save on postage just send me an email and I will get that set up for you as well.

    Happy New Year! 

  • I love the heat!

    I love July! There are holidays, my son’s birthday and in my case, vacations! Also you really know it is summer as the temperatures outside start to go up and the humidity makes your hair do funny things!

    I had a very busy June with the Aging Conference in Duluth, where I learned many new things that I am hoping to utilize them here at the CAL, and also met many new people that I am hoping to work with in the future.

    With my vacation this month I am asking for help in getting Debbie through those 10 days please. If you think about it check in on her make sure she is fine, and I am looking for people to “man the phones” during the times she is not here. Let me know if you are interested in helping us with this.

    Happy Summer and may your air conditioners be working!

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