Newcomers are always welcome and are encouraged to come try out the Center for Active Living! Everyone is encouraged to visit and participate on a trial visit. Come play cards, walk the track or try pickleball. You can receive information by calling ahead or stop at CAL office and receive a tour and schedule of activities available.

CAL Membership: $30/year for 55+ years of age. (This gets you membership, access to the whole facility, including racquetball courts and gym during programming times, and discounted rates.)

CAL YMCA+ Membership:  $20/year for 55+ years of age.  If you are a YMCA member, you can get a CAL membership for $20. This membership is a full membership, see above. (YMCA members get a discount due to the agreement that the City has with the YMCA to manage the CAL)

Extended Access: Ask us about annual CAL memberships that allow you to play your favorite game on your schedule. A one time Key fob deposit is required.

Day Fees: Anyone 55 and older, or under 55 if accompanied by a CAL member, can use the CAL facility for daily activities and programs for a $2.00 Day-fee. This does not include racquetball. Scenario: Jan wants to play pinochle on Mondays, but does not want to become a member for the $30/year. Jan can pay $2.00 per visit

Trying out the Center for Active Living: Guests are welcome to participate in daily activities on a trial visit (ie. cards,pickleball, walking,etc.)

If guests would like to attend regular CAL activities on an ongoing basis, they can sign up for a yearly membership or attend as a day member. We welcome either form of membership, as we want everyone to feel welcome.

Racquetball Membership:

All ages are welcome to use the 24 hour access Racquetball court, come try out  our facility (complimentary) before you join. Stop at the CAL office during business hours and view our court.

 Adult - $175.00/year or $125.00/6 months
 Child - $100.00/year – must be accompanied by an adult at all time
 Family - $350.00/year – includes 2 adults & 2 children
 Guest Fee - $5.00/ one visit user fee per guest

24/7 Racquetball access: Racquetball memberships include keyfob access to the courts with a one time Key fob deposit

Center for Active Living access:  Senior Dining, CAL activities and CAL programs are scheduled Monday - Friday during Center for Active Living Hours of Operation. Additional gym and lower level access is available to members.

Special Community Events: To reserve the gym for special community events (Gym related only) call to reserve the space. The fee for a Day event is $125.00. This cost will cover staff, if needed, and cleaning crew.  An event can take place Monday through Friday during non-programmed hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays are an option as well, provided staff is available. (Scenario: Wild Turkey Shoot out would like to have the space for next year, it will cost $125.00 for the day)

 Registration Button

Click above to register for classes, lunches and special events! Otherwise, call 376-6457.