Active Aging Week – Thursday September 25th

Today we have a wonderful speaker coming and her name is Joan Steffend. She is a former Kare 11 news anchor and HGTV personality. She gave up all of that to find what really makes her happy.

She has written two books and founded a nonprofit organization called Peace Begins with Me. They are dedicated to helping people find their inner peace and how to be happy with what they have and who they are.

Today she travels and speaks about her process in finding her happiness and how she has found her inner peace and connected with her own magnificence.

Joan will be at Memorial Auditorium speaking at 6:00pm. She will be selling her books after the session and signing them. During her session she will connect all of us to the tools we have and show us how to use them to find our own magnificence within. She will show us how to be happy with what we have and who we are.

The cost for this program is free to all CAL members. For none members it is only $5.00 charge. Tickets are now available to pick up at Memorial Auditorium and it is reserved seating. Tell your friends, and come and be inspired.